Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Votrelogo.ca:

Welcome to Votrelogo.ca, your destination for high-quality customized products. To ensure a seamless shopping experience, please review our purchase conditions below.

1. Price

The prices listed on our website are valid from January 1st to December 31st, 2023. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the website for updated prices.
Prices include printing costs and product expenses only. The prices listed in this catalog do not include pre-printing preparation fees, shipping costs, or federal or provincial taxes.

2. Graphics

Modifications and touch-ups will incur additional charges and will be subject to price and availability estimation. We will contact the distributor for approval before making any alterations. The order may experience delays if modifications or touch-ups are necessary.
Friendly reminder: Clear, sharp, and ready-to-use black and white illustrations expedite order processing and yield better results. The use of halftones, shading, and screens in logos is not recommended. However, SPECTOR & CO. will make an effort to reproduce these effects and will communicate with you as needed.

3. Printing

Paper or virtual proofs: The first one is free; others are available for an additional fee.
Product proof: $65.00 per unit, in addition to the product cost, applicable setup fees, and shipping to your facilities.
Exact color matching for product printing: $45.00.
A fee of $90.00 will be charged for orders below the minimum purchase quantity. With this fee, only half of the minimum quantity indicated on our website is available.

4. Quantity

Orders below the minimum: Add $90 (G). Half of the minimum quantity specified on our website is required.
Larger quantities than those published in the catalog: We will be pleased to provide you with customized quotes for quantities exceeding those indicated in this catalog.
Differences in delivered quantities: We reserve the right to ship and bill quantities up to 5% higher or lower than those ordered.
Orders for exact quantities: $40.00 per order. Specify when placing the order that you require an "EXACT QUANTITY." This option is not available for quantities exceeding 1000 units.

5. Social Responsibility

The production materials for our most popular items have been audited by a certified audit firm to ensure social compliance and fairness in employee practices and policies. Please visit our website for more information or contact your account manager.